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Smart Contract Language
Provides unbounded Bitcoin scripting capabilities which enables developers to use script to code Turing Complete smart contracts.
Micro Payments
Quickly enable you to charge your customers as little as a fraction of a cent for what they actually consumed whilst invoicing in realtime.
Merchant Services
World-class tools & services at your fingertips with mAPI, Miner ID and more in the pipeline to make it easy to get up and running in minutes.
Unleashing the power of Bitcoin SV
Our ecosystem is based on four pillars that form the basis of Bitcoin SV’s infrastructure to create the one blockchain for the world.
Enabling businesses to plan years in advance and commit significant resources to build on a stable protocol.
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Delivering capacity increases through scalable architecture and miner configurable block sizes.
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Fostering best practice change management processes, external security audits and lucrative bug bounty program.
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Safe Instant Transactions (SIT)
Unlocking the bricks-and-mortar merchant market and enabling new business models with micropayments and nanoservices.
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Looking for more information about Bitcoin SV?
If you're a person completely new to digital currencies, a merchant that is looking to accept BSV payments, or an enterprise looking for blockchain solutions, can help you source information about Bitcoin SV providing plenty of resources and useful links.
Explore Bitcoin Association Backed Devtools
mAPI provides direct interaction with Miners, allowing the user to discover the most competitive personalised transaction fee quotes, for guaranteed mining at a chosen SLA. It provides callback mechanisms to give you realtime updates on transaction status along with Merkle proofs of inclusion in Bitcoin blocks.
SPV Channels
SPV Channels offer encrypted persistent messaging channels between any Bitcoin participants. Seamlessly integrating offline and direct communications to break down the technical barrriers to enabling the direct peer to peer interactions that Satoshi described as fundamental to the operations of the Bitcoin network.
PayMail is an identity and service discovery protocol that removes the need to use plain Bitcoin addresses and smooths the path for peers to connect to each other in the Bitcoin space. It uses human-readable names that can be used in exactly the same way as an email addresses to automatically negotiate transactions.
Our plan is to process the 4.5 billion plus prescriptions filled in the United States in a given year.
That’s going to generate 16 billion to 32 billion Bitcoin SV transactions. When you look at those numbers, it’s an amazing rate. We’re talking 5-6 thousands transactions per second. That’s why we went with Bitcoin SV.
Ken Hill - Chairman and Founder, EHR Data, Inc.